Maison Baguès: Epitome of luxury lighting and intricate ironwork

Established in the 1840’s by Noel Bagues, the Maison Baguès originally crafted liturgical bronze fixtures. Since then it has become the symbol of savoir-faire in incredibly intricate, stunning hand-made high end ironwork luxury lighting.

Apart from luxury lighting, the Maison Baguès also creates made-to-order gates and stair banisters that are a balanced blend of contemporary design and historical impressions. The Golden Gate of the Theatre des Champs-Elysees is a perfect example of the elegance and regality that exudes from their hand-made creations.

In 2007, the Maison Baguès expanded its workshop which allowed them to resume crafting large chandeliers, based on the designs preserved in their archives.  In 2011, la Maison Baguès partnered with Bronzes de France, enabling them to provide their clients the finest iron and bronze crafting techniques and tradiotions.

Their minute attention to detail and unique techniques of fabrication has earned them global respect and recognition. Famous interior designers such as Raymond Subes, Jansen and Armand Albert Rateau often seek the expertise of the Maison Baguès to achieve their interior decoration visions. Super luxury hotels such as the The Ritz, the King’s Palace in Morocco, the Plaza Athenee and the Banque de France are only some of their clients.

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