Mona Oren’s ‘Living Surface’ exhibition

Mona Oren presented her ‘Living Surface’ collection to the public in January 2015 at the Eye of The Twentieth Gallery, Paris. The exhibition was a testament to her exploration of contemporary art via different mediums; drawings, video and installation, photography and – her signature – sculptures.

The young Israeli artist is known for creating 3 dimensional sculptures using latex, silicone, paper, plaster, but her favorite material remains white wax.

Several of her works showcased at the Living Surface exhibition were made with white wax. The intricacy and delicacy with which Oren handles the wax, leaves the beholder with the contradicting impressions of life and death, beauty and fear, hope and loss.

Her white wax replica of the Water Lilly symbolizes the duality. Wax, even with its evocative nature, leaves us with the impression of fragility and vulnerability, thus capturing the essence of life and death, perfectly.

Oren says creating sculptures with white wax is “…a continuous cycle of construction, destruction and reconstruction and I constantly seek to capture time and beauty (in it) forever.”

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