Edmond Petit: A Long Standing Tradition of French Weaving

Edmond Petit has been offering its services directing high-end decoration and furnishing fabrics solely produced in France since 1872. This family-run business has kept up with the modern day flair while also maintaining the classic French weaving tradition. Indeed, their collection embraces elevated quality fabrics made entirely from natural and noble fibres. Their range covers along 600 references of exclusively edited fabrics, available worldwide.

Edmond Petit has been presenting and distributing a complete assortment of innovative technical fabrics since the 60’s. Velvets for curtains and upholstery, stage curtaining, special effects fabrics, voiles, black outs and tulles to name a few. Their array of fabrics all pass the fire-retardant tests to be used in hotels and cruise ships.

The company is still situated in 23 rue du Mail, in Paris where it was set up on 1st October, 1891. Its building is specifically constructed for the invention and creation of fabric.

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