OA 1710 by Pewter-smith: A tradition of Luxury, Beauty and Excellence – 300 years in the Making

In 1710, Antoine Alegre, a master pewterer moved to Angers, in the Loire Valley of France,where he founded the “Etains of Anjou” which, with time, came to be known as the Goldsmith of Anjou or Orfèvrerie d’Anjou – thus laying the foundations for the world renowned Pewterer and Goldsmith company OA 1710.

Today, OA 1710 is the most revered, sought-after and successful Pewter-smith company in Europe. It offers elegant and beautifully hand crafted vine decanters, vases, knife holders, reissues and candlesticks. Though, crafting luxurious and artistically beautiful champagne buckets is their signature.

OA 1710’s success lies in their ability to work the solid pewter in a way that enhances its natural shine, giving their pieces an everlasting iridescent quality, a skill that can only be acquired through experience.

Their products are not just objects but are individual pieces of art designed by renowned designers. OA 1710 often works closely with Eric Berthes, Chantal Thomas and JC de Castelbajacto design pieces that are not only beautiful but emanate sensuality and elegance – the perfect combination for luxury. The designers artfully blend a classy contemporary style with a futuristic one to create a magnificent piece anyone would be proud to own.

Their meticulous attention to detail, the quality of the metal and the breathtaking designs drew the eye of luxurious brands such as Hermes, Louis Vitton, Hennessey and Dom Perignon – to name a few. One of their biggest achievements was perhaps creating the 2008 Formula 1 Grand Prix trophies.

Today, the company has established itself as a high-end pewtersmith, where it exclusively creates custom pieces which are made-to-order for luxury brands. In 2004, they launched their own collection, which they sell privately through a network of sellers.

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