Domeau & Peres, leather masters!

The two leading names in the French furniture making industry, Bruno Domeau and Philip Peres, joined hands in the early 90’s to give way to an enterprise that captured everyone’s attention through its immaculately detailed work and its adeptness to bring out the best in every project. Their individual expertise in saddling and upholstery led their firm to the top.

Domeau and Peres’ flair embraces extensive techniques, thorough knowledge of the material and their drive towards achieving perfection. Their understanding of felt and refined leather has made it their signature move. The class of their work is viewed as that on par with renowned couture houses thus making their joint establishment a burgeoning success.

The two collaborators have unveiled their own furniture line crafted in alliance with recognized designers such as Angie Anakis, Christophe Pillet, Andrée Putman, Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec, and Martin Szekel. Their work is displayed at Domeau & Peres gallery located in the suburbs of France, and is a fusion of their masterpieces and the art of the artists they prefer.

Domeau & Peres can do so many incredible works with leather, have a look!

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