Welcome to the universe of best-known designer Jacques Garcia

Mixing several historical architectural styles with contemporary ones is Jacques Garcia’s signature that has earned him global acclaim.

His first successful foray into the world of architecture and interior design was constructing and furnishing his grandparent’s house at the, unbelievably, tender age of 8. After completing his education in applied arts, he was hired by a firm of architects where he quickly established a reputation for himself and was responsible for designing beautiful interiors for several hotels including tour Montparnasse, Le Meridien and Royal Monceau. After this, Garcia reached celebrity status in the architecture and design community when he redesigned the opulent Napoleon III style of Hotel Costes and the timeless 18th century Ladurée Tea Room on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. After redesigning Hotel Costes and Ladurée, Garcia went on to design interiors for several other famous hotels.

Where does his inspiration come from?

The 19th century has his inspiration, Garcia loves to combine the sharp oriental arts with the rich neo-Gothic style to create an elegant and lavish décor. That’s what he did for the Hotel Bourg Tibourg in Paris. Another example: He mixed the 12th century Moorish architecture of Morocco with the sophistication of the French style to create a breathtakingly luxurious and magical interior for the famous La Mammounia Hotel in Marrakech.

His inspiration doesn’t stop here and goes beyond the continents! While designing New York’s NoMad Hotel, Garcia remained true to the bohemian interior and uses the luscious materials already a part of the hotel as inspiration. One of the most intriguing aspects of Garcia’s redesign for the Hotel was fitting the iconic NoMad library with a spiral staircase brought in especially from France.

Garcia has also designed countless public places and private houses, globally. Aside from excelling in interior design and architecture, the designer has made a name for himself in designing luxurious and elegant furniture for the Interna Collection and MCGuire Furniture. His furniture collections are gorgeous works of art that reflect his optimism, spirit of life and love of history. Let us know on our Facebook page which design you prefer the most amongst the pictures below!

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