A blend of sculpting, carving and logging – Bertrand Lacourt’s Monoxyle project is an enchanting work of art

Bertrand Lacourt had been making gorgeous and artistic cabinets for 20 years before he decided to return to his childhood forest of Fountainebleau and start the project that would change the way furniture was looked at.

He took inspiration from the traditional and elegant art of shaping one piece of wood into a single precise object, without brining any of the pieces together artificially i.e. they are monoxyla.

He carves his furniture out, on site, directly from the trunks of trees found in the woods of Châtillon-sur-Seine (21), Burgundy. The process requires him to not only be an artist who carves and sculpts his furniture, but it also requires him to be the lumberjack, for him to be able to log the trees down.

Lacourt’s main aim is to bring the intrinsic beauty and elegance of the wood to the forefront, which is why he uses contemporary and minimalistic designs for his furniture. Check his website!

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