Gustave Tiffoche: ceramics for a French and unique experience

Gustave Tiffoche is a sculptor and painter who brings to the space a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ with a high French savoir-faire and a delicate way of design. He’s best known for his monumental ceramics: vases and lamps made with stoneware in a brown-beige glaze decoration. Fired in large-scale, personally designed, wood-burning kilns, his works— everything from fountains to cruise ship décor— are glazed in muted colors and built according to modernist principles of simple design. The geometric shape of the works seems to look like the form of the nature. Simplicity is a key word in Gustave Tiffoche works, that’s probably why we like it so much!

Trained as an industrial designer, Tiffoche began his career as a layout designer, and after a decade working in ceramics he began to paint as well, producing graphic, whimsical scenes of human figures in ambiguous narratives and landscapes. His works with signatures at the base can be found in Paris, at the Gallery Silbereis. Don’t miss it! And give us your feedback on our Facebook fan page here! 

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