François Azambourg: a first personal collection made of delicate objects

François Azambourg is a French designer who really inspires the world of creation. Winner of the Villa Medicis hors les Murs prize in 2003 and rewarded with the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in 2009, M. Azambourg is now a celebrity in the design industry. In 2014, he offers his own collection made of delicate objects.

Inventor, François Azambourg combines beauty with the finest technique of craftsmanship. As a true adept of applied arts, one can recognize his style very easily. Indeed, M. Azambourg is very much oriented towards simplicity and lightness. He’s not afraid of pushing himself very far into the realm of objects. That’s probably why he participated in numerous shows around the world and in so many projects for the most prestigious editors such as Hermès, Ligne Roset/Cinna, Capellini…

But his talent doesn’t stop here, Azambourg breaks radically with modern concepts. He loves mixing sophisticated composites, always searching for lightness and economy of materials. The production processes remains a consistent theme. From metal-foam chairs to frothy vertical explosions of optical fibers, his work has resulted in several patents and numerous prizes.

An inspired personal collection…

Today, François Azambourg is launching his own collection which includes 20 objects, as a result of over 25 years of research and experimentation. One will be nicely surprised when looking at the Mille Feuilles made of real leaves hanging from piano strings, the Inga Lamp carved and turned from one wood block or the Very Nice chairs made with a laser-cut complex wood-structure and copper.

Have a look at the pictures below taken from François Azambourg collection and let us know which one you prefer! Give your choice on our Facebook fan page here.

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