Blackbody, a very design way to look at the lights

If you wish to find a different universe of lights dedicated to your home or your business, have a look at Blackbody company. Then, you will see the perfect way of adding a touch of smooth atmosphere wherever you need it. This is about design perfection.

The system uses a very modern system called OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) which relies on the latest development in nanotechnology. Composed of a thin molecular layer of organic material, it produces white or monochromatic light when electric current is applied.

This is a very efficient light source usable in different ways and can be modeled to various forms : signs, letters, artistic drawings…

Above this, the OLED sources are not heating up when on and it can be directly recycled in existing waste recycling chains. Thus, it is very environmental and eye friendly light source.

Information :

35, Rue PASTEUR – Z.I. Toulon Est
BP320 La Farlède

Tél : +33 4 94 61 72 90


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