Marie Daage : the beauty of a table setting

She’s the “Haute-couture” of the French tables, the incredible Marie Daage knows how to enlight our daily lifes with subtility and beauty. If you look at her plates and cups, you just want all of them at once. Then, it becomes impossible to live the same way we ever did. Creating special atmospheres and small collections, Marie Daage knows how to surprise us with a true sense of aesthetism and a mix between tradition and modernity.

With a classical taste and 60 available collections in more than 50 colors, there is matchless variety and choice. Everyone can actually participate in the creation of their own service. According to one’s taste, it will find what’s really suiting perfectly with its interior design. A real custom-designed table setting with many possibilities.

Why Marie has been interested in the Table art ?

According to the designer : “The table is a reflection of who you are”, “Dress it tastefully as you would yourself, and create an environment that invites you to dine” !

Fascinated by the colors, Marie Daage has created her own world of beauty with intuition and style. She spends hours mixing pigments to find the right tones and to create a perfect natural look. As a result : food looks perfect on the table !

For 25 years Marie Daage has continued the traditions of her trade with a savoir-faire about luxury that is uniquely French and she will keep preserving craftsmanship as much as she can. Her designs evoke the art and style of French living, richly conveyed by the fluidity and translucence of hand painting. A must see !

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