Bernard Pictet talent of glass for interior design

He’s the master of glass in France and he’s describing himself in this way : « I can make an entire facade just as easily as I can make an ashtray, and everything in between:  decorative panels, separations, table tops, etc.». Bernard Pictet designs and produces original and luxurious works in glass for more than thirty years. His passion goes with creating a glass facade for a building or producing decorative glass on an industrial scale. His talent is known worldwide and luxury interior design has no secret for him,

Throughout the years, Bernard Pictet studio has become a key actor in collaboration with leading interior designers for an international clientele. His strenght is to constantly inventing new materials, sometimes while discussing with the client, sometimes developping projects as a joint endeavour between the architect, who determines the space, the environment and the direction.

We strongly advise to have a look at the pieces shown below. We also remain at your disposal for any further information you may need on this outstanding glassmaker located in Paris.

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