Ateliers Allot, marvelous crafts and styles

Since 1812, Allot family shows a unique talent for craftsmanship, particularly towards woodworking and cabinetmaking. From the parents to the sons, the taste of craftship has been transmitted from one generation to the other, employing the most demanding of craft techniques, pattern inlays, a variety of impeccable lacquering, gilding, woodcarving, upholstering techniques.

With the time passing and 30 years of experience in the fine furniture making, the company is able to meet the highest quality demands. Now in its eighth generation, the family continues to develop as a traditional, future-oriented and international craft enterprise with 24 employees, all specialists in cabinet making.

The result ? An attention to detail and perfection, highly-qualified employees with great understanding of their areas of specialization, a special care to the selection of materials and the implementation of a workshop, a sense of making an Atelier be unique in France. Ateliers Allot craftsmen even won the Living Heritage Company award in 2006, granted by the French government. The company is now a member of Ateliers d’Art de France and after the two-hundred years’ celebration in 2012, it opened a Showroom in the centre of Paris.

Ateliers Allot is very recognized for the art of the wood sculptor which lied in the ability to wrest from the solid wood a bas-relief of the strongest, finest and most vigorous quality. As it ays : “Only a perfect balance between his artistic vision and his manual dexterity will allow the motif to emerge from the solid mass.’

18th Century Chinese lacquering is also a specialization of the company. Lacquering in gold relief was perfected in the 18th century and is called «Japanese Lacquer or chinese-style lacquer. The wood is incised and hollowed out and then 16 succesive lays of glue made from rabbit skin and chalk known as «Blanc d’Espagne». Then several coats layers of lacquer are applied to obtain an exceptional gloss. reliefs are gradually built up and are highlighted by the application of gold leaf.

Marquetry, woodcarving, chair and furniture woodworking… Allot family is remaining a must go when visiting France. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want further details, we will be very happy to introduce you to this temple of French luxury. You can also write us.

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