Idéel : contemporary furnitures for a bright life

The 2 founders, Eric Eido and Valérie Merloz, wanted an original and innovative concept with furnitures, luxury style bedroom ideas ,decoration objects holding the same identity, signing their difference. That’s how Idéel was born. Coffee tables, dining tables, miscellaneous shelves, lamps, beheads, bedside tables are all made with unique and Indian ancient woodcarving pieces. As they say : «The desire came to share this encounter, to hand over these pieces of Indian soul and convey their emotion they produce, to turn them into another lifetime, from Indian streets to Western interiors.»

With unique pieces, a respect of beauty, and a certain idea of integrity, one can be ensured to possess a single model in the world with a significant message, a merge of ancient wood carving with a contemporary «savoir-faire». The result is simple : an alliance of textures, stules and cultures that are bringing a right balance and create «an additionnal piece of soul.»

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