Pascal Amblard : Master of painting ornament

Internationally renowned muralist, Pascal Amblard has for the last 20 years been painting murals and ornament in hotels, palaces, and elegant homes for an appreciative clientele across Europe and North America. Also very recognized at The Mural School, he has painted hundreds of exquisite landscape murals with a distinct painting techniques so that he can transfer Images to Canvas, Color Palette & Painting Tools, Landscape & Sky, Tuscan Architectural Elements. Everything in a very realistic way, which is giving life a very dreaming atmosphere. This is like entering in a world of magnificence. After spending many years teaching at IPEDEC in Paris,  Pascal Amblard became a popular instructor of mural workshops in France, Italy, Sweden, and the U.S. while remaining a master of Frescoes, Murals, Ornaments, Trompe l’oeil, Painted ceilings, workshops and classes.

He’s a graceful and intuitive painter whose exuberant work blurs the line between fine and decorative art. Being a true painter means that you can often be very much tongue-tied by such a talent, inspiration for all of us is certainly rising with such a creative and fearless spirit.

For sure, there’s a «je ne sais quoi» of genius and humble with Pascal Amblard while he keeps adapting to a place, finding good and original ideas, questioning, wondering how a project evolves and lives, how to adapt a technique in relation with a design and with the specifics of a place. This is making him mastering totally the space and the result always appears marvelous. Thus, the challenge remains always pushed forward. After all he’s already done, does he still have dreams ? Of course ! One of them would be to work in a big space with walls and ceilings and a classical language to display elaborating contemporary concepts. A project with a community way of working, that is to say a full collaboration with other passionate friends !

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