Ludwig Vogelgesang : Maître d’Arts and cabinet maker

Ludwig Vogelgesang, Maître d’Arts-graduated 2010, is a cabinet maker skilled in the restoration of fine Art Deco furniture. With a beautiful sense of aesthetism, his works are recognized by well-known decorators, galleries, private collectors, and even museums. His sensitivity led him to renovate and create unique and amazing Art Deco furniture.

Because of his fine way of working and his particular skills, Ludwig Vogelgesang has been asked by Guerlain to design a very special sculture. Indeed, the cabinet-maker, pays tribute to the 160th anniversary of the Bee bottle with a creation named “Le Présentoir à Secrets“. This rosewood and ivory sculpture with intricately carved small bees conceals drawers that might contain hidden treasures… The imperial bottle reigns from this majestic throne. Have a look at it !

More information :

Ludwig Vogelgesang

2 ter passage Ramey, 75018 Paris
Tel : +33(0) 1 42 59 81 15



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