«Nuage» : Exceptional lighting from French designer Thierry Vidé

Since 1998, Jean Sebastian and Félicien Vidé, under the name of Thierry Vidé Design, create and edit contemporary lighting designs, handmade in Paris. As designers of exceptional lighting, they like light sculptures with a high quality design and they’re very keen on producing them in limited editions. Today, we introduce «Nuage», an exceptional art work which exists in 3 sizes, it’s a very beautiful piece for a cosy home with a touch of contemporary style.

Handmade in the parisian workshop of the designers, the new suspension «Nuage» is a genuine light sculpture which integrates amblent space thanks to the transparency and evanescence of mirror polished stainless steel. We love the timeless elegance of organic curves juxtaposed with contemporary materials. Something that will give to an interior design a very unique atmosphere.

Weightlessness, transparency and light with technical evolutions… That’s the magic of Thierry Vidé.

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67 rue de Reuilly

75012 Paris

Tel : 01 43 45 14 35



Starting in 1976 with the Young Sculpture Exhibition on the Champs-Elysées, and each year since then, Thierry Vidé has exhibited his work in many cities in France and abroad, won different prizes, such as the “Symbol for the City of Melbourne”, Australia in 1980, and has had pieces bought by the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

Since the beginning of his collaboration with Jean Sébastien Vidé in 1986, success has continued to grow.

Currently, the Atelier Thierry Vidé collaborates with the best-known architects in France and also works for major companies like UCB, Alcatel, Thomson, General Motors, Renault or Peugeot. His creations have been purchased by many municipalities in France and in Langkawi (Malaysia), Berlin, Brussels, Florence, Seoul, Moscow, among others.
The series of manufactured luminous objects are mainly sold in France and in Europe.

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