Asselin and the Art of Wood

Created in 1957, Asselin is today a major actor in the fields of carpentry, joinery, cabinet work of art as well as in the installation and the decoration of top-of-the-range interiors.
Asselin intervenes in government and private contracts, in the restoration of historic buildings and in new manufacture. Asselin works in close cooperation with architects and decorators to study and recommend technical and artistic solutions.

Asselin is labelled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company). This network of excellence serves to promote French skills and know-how and to serve as a reference for consumers and clients who wish to hire a professional firm that is recognised for its respect of the craft and its aptitude to supply services of an exceptional quality.
Companies bearing the “EPV” label are able to undertake work on “off-specification” projects, to accept the most original contracts, and to offer unique and made-to-measure solutions to satisfy the most high-end requirements and the most demanding clients.

Asselin uses or reintroduces ancestral and original techniques, but never hesitates to innovate and to invent new procedures or products to meet the needs of a modern market. Asselin know-how is present in the whole world.

Their work covers:
JOINERY, Staircases – Parquet floors – Doors – Carriage entrances – Coffered ceilings – Windows with stained glasses, windows…
CABINETRY – WOODWORK, Parts of cabinet work – Pieces of furniture or objects – Woodworks – Sculptures – Ceilings – Coffered ceilings – Woodworks with reasons – liturgical Furniture.
CARPENTRY, Frames – Mills – Timber framing houses- Footbridges – Belfries – Arrows – Vaults – Post-beams – Framework-wood – Pergolas – Heightening – Complex wood structures.

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