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For over one hundred years, Ateliers Pinton mill have been weaving rugs and tapestries. They have produced numerous exceptional pieces designed by famous artists and designers who have spread elegance, creativity and French style throughout the world. It is with a permanent will to innovate while retaining the knowledge acquired in the past. Creativity,  art and savoir-faire to pass on centuries-old skills used for today’s art works.

The Ateliers Pinton Collection – French-LifeStyle Highlights
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Ateliers Pinton Achievements:

Ateliers Pinton Contemporary Rugs:
Ateliers Pinton Classic Rugs and Contemporary Tapestries:

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Collections and Custom made Art Pieces
Tapestries, classic to contemporary collection.
Over the years Atelier Pinton,  using the d’Aubusson techniques, has had the privilege of working with the best in tapestry design. Working with names such as as Arp, Calder, Cocteau, Dali, Sonia Delaunay, Dufy, Le Corbusier, Léger, Magritte, Matégot, Miro, Picasso, Soulages, Stella, Vasarely, Malevitch, and others allows them to demonstrate their skills. The quality of their work is still recognized today by contemporary artists, who approach them to weave their artwork and carries a number next to the artist’s signature.

Rugs and carpets classic to contemporary collections.
Ateliers Pinton are also specialized in the manufacture of rugs and carpets using the legacy of the know-how of the tapestry and the traditional patterns.  The technique used is called hand-tufting. Many cartoons from the old ages are available. Due to a long history of working with many artists, such as Leleu, Lersy, Adnet, Alechinsky. Ateliers Pinton have accumulated over the years a large collection of  cartoons of original modern carpet designs as well as contemporary with Tristan Auer, Ulrika Liljedahl, to name the last ones.
Here also the possibility of using modern materials and yarns such as bamboo, leather, rubber, metal threads, vinyl or silver, gold brings vibrancy and contrast to carpet hand-tufting .
In addition of the collections, the company manufactures many custom-made rugs, carpets and tapestries, all size, all colors, all types of material are available to meet with the desire of their clients.
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Since 1867, Ateliers Pinton have been weaving tapestries and rugs. A fifth-generation family business based in France near Aubusson. Ateliers Pinton keep up the tradition opened by Louis the XIVth and Colbert during the XVIIth century. Low-warp tapestry looms are very specific to the weaving Aubusson art and are still used by Ateliers Pinton nowadays. Their weaving workshops  allow the manufacturing of tapestries on horizontal looms and “hand-tufting” rugs.

Until the end of 1980, Ateliers Pinton have produced numerous tapestries designed by famous artists from this century. In the same way for rugs and carpets,  Ateliers Pinton have worked over the years with artists and designers who have spread elegance, creativity and French style throughout the world. It has a permanent will to innovate while retaining the knowledge acquired in the past that Lucas Pinton keeps  collaborating with textile and interior designers.

Ateliers Pinton work for well known designers, interior decorators, luxury yacht and jet designers and architects, as well as international art collectors.
They are proud to have worked with clients such as the LVMH group, the Sydney Opera House, the Italian Embassy in France, The Gramercy Park Hotel in New York, the Courbevoie Auditorium (France), Dassault Aviation, Coventry Cathedral (U.K), the French Embassy in Washington, Euro Disney, Le Louis XV restaurant in Monaco in collaboration with the Patrick Jouin Agency, the Ivy Clud in London and many others.

French Excellence in Craftsmanship
Ateliers PINTON has been awarded the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”,  EPV , (Living Heritage Company), by the French Ministry of Economy, Industry, a sign of the excellence and rarity of its know-how.

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