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Tisserant Art&Style is one of the last French bronze companies with such talented artisans that you cannot tell original and copy apart. The Art of French bronze reached its apogee in the 18th century and rightly it was called “Le siècle du bronze doré” (the century of gilded bronze). Since 1930, three generations of bronze-founders in the Tisserant family have been rediscovering and perpetuating the degree of perfection reached in the 18th century in producing bronze lighting and furniture.

The Tisserant Lighting Collection – French-LifeStyle Highlights
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Collection, The collection includes ceiling lights, chandeliers, lamps, sconces, floor lamps, swinging lights, trimmings, encompassing around 1700 pieces from classic to contemporary.


Tisserant Art&Style reproduces identical copies of famous pieces, in every style, from Renaissance to Art Deco, not forgetting Louis XIV, Louis XV and the Empire style. Outstanding custom production, reproduction, tailor making, but also creation lead to out-of-the-ordinary projects and respond to the most original demands.
Their expertise is recognized by the curators of the world’s greatest museums as well as decorators, interior architects and collectors around the world.


Tisserant Art&Style objects are so identical that even the best specialists can find themselves baffled:

-When Louisbourg Fortress in Canada was restored, the original wall-lights were removed and became accidentally mixed up with the copies made by Tisserant Art&Style. It proved to be impossible to tell them apart.

– And when the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Quebec received a visit from some burglars, what they stole was in fact a Tisserant Art&Style reproduction of Champlain’s astrolabe, while the original stayed safe and sound.

– For Joel Schumacher’s film “The Phantom of the Opera”, Tisserant Art&Style created a 5.50 meter-high chandelier weighing over 2 tons and bearing 20,000 octagonal crystals – this giant now reigns supreme in the Swarovski museum in Austria.

– Tisserant Art&Style was one of the first to use LEDs in high-class chandeliers – like the lantern with rock-crystal doves, produced in partnership with Pierre-Yves Rochon for the “Grand-Hôtel du Cap Ferrat”.

– “When the Palace of Versailles entrusts us with restoring its chandeliers, we are conserving the past. And when we light the reception hall in the Bangkok Royal Palace, we are contributing to the world heritage of tomorrow. In this way, we are fortunate enough to be at a crossing-point of cultures, generations, and passions.” Antoine Tisserant.

– France has awarded Tisserant Art&Style the “EPV” mark – (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, “Living Heritage Company”), rewarding companies that possess unique craftsmanship and expertise.

Their world-renowned reputation makes Tisserant Art&Style export all over the world.

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