Contemporary Haute Couture Interior Design

Domeau&Peres offers contemporary interior design furniture, in particular seating, of the very highest quality in the finest craft tradition.

Savoir-faire, Domeau&Peres was founded in the mid-1990s by Bruno Domeau, a saddler and Philippe Pérès who, in keeping with an ancient French tradition, spent several years touring France as a journeyman before qualifying as a tapestry-maker. In just 15 years the duo Domeau & Peres made from their company a force to be reckoned with in the very elite and exclusive world of interior design. Both felt it was important to maintain complete craft skills and above all their love for innovative design. They rapidly demonstrated their ability to produce exceptional high quality furniture, working on design for homes, high range cars, private jets, managing every step of the project from prototype to the tiniest detail of the finished models.They are well known above borders for the special care they take in choosing the materials for their designs, featuring unusual textures such as woven wool carpeting, horse hair and leather, and leather upholstery on a synthetic resin frame, …

Domeau&Peres with their numerous productions with famous designers positioned itself as a real partner to interior designers and architects around the world. Their reputation is also based upon the often one-off, bespoke models requiring the development of a prototype meeting a wide range of expectations that they have done for different industries. Some examples of collaborations with the EADS private jet division, the RDAI for the Falcone 900 series, Peugeot and Hermes for the Paladine Concept Car, the Lobby of the UNESCO building, the Krug house on their hot-air-balloon project, extreme luxury highlighting Domeau&Peres‘s exceptional artisanal and artistic talents, …..

Collection and Contemporary bespoke furniture
– Unusually for furniture manufacturers, Bruno Domeau et Philippe Pérès also produce and sell the designs they have developed with famous designers such as Andrée Putman, Christophe Pillet, Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec, Martin Szekeli, Matali Crasset, Odile Decq, Eric Jourdan, John Nouanesing, Pablo Reinoso,…
– Alongside the catalogue of furniture produced in collaboration with great designers, Domeau&Pérès has always worked with interior designers, private and public bodies on special commissions in fields as diverse as the car industry, aeronautics, interior architecture and one-off bespoke items of furniture. Thanks to their expertise added to their technical skills, they bring original designs and concepts to life (visit the source for more information).

The Domeau&Peres Collection – French-LifeStyle Highlights
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