Cristal Benito – French Crystal Cutter since 1925

Cristal Benito, the crystal cutting expertise has been passed down through the Benito family for 3 generations.

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José Benito arrived in France in 1925 and set up a workshop to make perfume bottle stoppers. His son Martin began his apprenticeship as a crystal cutter at the age of 14. It was he who designed the first « Cristal Benito » creations, which achieved great success and quickly won over the international public, in particular thanks to the world-renowned Napoleon III-style «Bar à liqueurs». To create these astonishing pieces, he perfected both the grinding wheels used to cut crystal and the crystal sculpture technique, cutting the crystal as deeply as possible, to the very limit of its resistance, in order to enhance the lustre, the shine and the infinite reflections he imagined. Certain pieces clarity is stretched to their very limits thus reflections are broken up into a million fragments.

Cristal Benito’s well-known, prize-winning creations are distributed through the greatest luxury goods stores in the world and found in the palaces of kings, Saudi princes, Emirs or celebrities.
At the same time, his exceptional quality expertise and his unrivalled creative technique have enabled Franck Benito to work with the greatest interior designers throughout the world. Recently, Franck Benito was asked by Hediard to create a “special gift” on the occasion of the fortieth year of the reign of the Sultan of Oman. He also specially designed, for the Caron shops, the Caron Powder Box, an exceptional limited edition of 4 pieces. Cristal Benito restored life to Dali’s Venus de Milo, Daum crystal works, which was broken and had lost fragments of crystal.
Awards and distinction: Cristal Benito is part of «Ateliers d’Art de France», accredited as one of the « Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant » (Living Heritage Companies), received the SEMA (Society for the Promotion of Artistic Trades) Prize.

Cristal Benito creations are timeless and can be considered as works of art or purely decorative objects, but they are designed to be used, whether as vases, goblets, jugs, boxes or bars, eggs and candy dishes. Those who love crystal for its twinkling, sparkling qualities will have to decide between the unparalleled cut of the 32-point star, or the diamond point, or the cabochon, a cut usually reserved for colored crystal. Each hand-made piece is unique and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Limited Edition, one-off and custom-made pieces
Certain models are limited editions which should be snapped up while stocks last. They are available, on request, in different colors or cuts and the bronze elements can be finished in different ways. Beyond this exceptional range, Cristal Benito also accepts commissions for custom-made pieces.
The Art of Restauration

A crystal piece can get damaged, chipped or broken. With objects of value or part of a collection or those holding cherished memories, it is difficult to accept the complete loss, or to hide it away because its original beauty is compromised.

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