Toulet – Outstanding Classic to Contemporary Billiards since 1857

Toulet billiard tables are totally hand-crafted manufactured and famous accordingly since the beginning of the XIXth century.
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Billiard’s history started under the reign of Louis XI, with the arrival of tables, covered with cloth, on which balls were pushed thanks to curved sticks. At the beginning of the XIXth century, Louis Toulet’s furniture factory launched a billiard division. The quality of its products was so good that it rapidly imposed itself as the leader. Since then Toulet’s reputation is still on first range.
Today every stage of production respects a specific process and thus guarantees top billiard tables finishing.The wood’s specie is chosen according to precise criteria, the slate and rubber cushions’ quality is strictly controlled. Each cushion is checked before the assembly: the quality of the cushion will ensure the bounce of the ball and the good ageing of the rubber. The patented iron body frame doesn’t move with the time, that’s why Toulet billiard tables are warrantied lifetime. In order to have the best roll possible, Toulet exclusively works with competition quality cloth.
All billiard tables are totally hand-crafted manufactured in Toulet workshops, in Bondues (near Lille).

The Billiards Toulet are sold worldwide in great places such as Harrods in London or the Great Mall in Dubai. Purchased by professionals for their quality or by individuals for their beauty, by luxury hotels like the Negresco in Nice or the Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai, by politicians and royal families, they have their place in the most prestigious locations.
Toulet is accredited as one of the « Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant », Living Heritage Companies, the most famous reward given by the French government to prize such an outstanding savoir-faire.
An internal team of designers does researches at Toulet. That’s why their billiard tables are always made with the best materials, conceived with elegance and an atypical design, but also and above all manufactured for a perfect quality of play!

10 collections from classic to ultra innovative and contemporary billiard tables feasible in different dimensions, Contemporain, Classique, Héritage, Competition, Golf, R. Bitalis, Monnayeurs Coin-operated, Détente, Le Lambert and the most futuristic one, the Blacklight.
– All billiard tables are delivered with the accessories pack.
The patina makes all the richness of the range. The authenticity of the wood that was amorously given a patina gives to its collection harmony and freshness. In a seaside house, a prestigious hotel, a chalet in the mountains or a flat in the city, the collection’s furniture will always find a place of honour.
Innovation and sur-mesure: you are an individual, a designer, let be guided by your imagination and create your own billiard table and your own billiard room: Toulet has no limit and will do it for you.

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