Orfèvrerie Richard – Parisian Goldsmiths since 1910

The Orfèvrerie Richard has been set on passing on a heritage that enhances French and foreign dinner tables with Sterling Silver.

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Richard Orfèvrerie was born at the dawn of the twentieth century, in 1910, at a time when Paris flourished full of gold and silversmiths. Today, more than a century after its foundation, the “Maison” Richard has become one of the very few Parisian craftsmen who have preserved their workshop and authentic know-how, thus being acknowledged expert in restoration work and the manufacturing of sterling silver flatware in particular.

The workshop was provided by the French specialist for the manufacturing of cutlery in sterling silver, jewelry restoration, creating custom jewelry and tableware in sterling silver, vermeil (Silvering-gilt) and gold – anyone now can buy rose gold cutlery.

Becoming one of the few manufacturing facilities of Sterling Silver flatware and beyond the creation of exceptional, the goldsmith also responds to individual requests for restoration or re silvering of old silverware, always keeping in mind the respect for authenticity and origin of each piece.


Since its inception in 1910, the studio establishes itself as an acknowledged goldsmith specialist in classic collection, contemporary creation and restoration of old silverware, worldwide.

To celebrate its centennial activity, expertise and craftsmanship distinguished by the Living Heritage Company, the workshop reinterpreted its expertise in a collection of sterling silver flatware at Gallery S. Bensimon in April 2010. Ruth Gurvich, 5.5 designers and Frank Sorbier also responded to this invitation creating a symphony of creative players around the contemporary scene.


RICHARD goldsmiths currently offer a broad collection of styles, from classical to more contemporary, of sterling silver flatware and table decorative objects.

Goldsmith’s work, the custom: RICHARD home ever since its foundation is able to meet the desires and demands of its original customers. These commands may include exceptional cutlery made ​​of gold or unique decorative prestigious pieces for decorators and designers or individuals, worldwide.

In addition, RICHARD goldsmith workshops have always been able to restore the old goldsmith with great respect for the authenticity and origin of each piece. Whether it’s a big “fitness”, a little bump, a simple polishing or re silvering, our workshop is always a solution for you.


The Orfèvrerie Richard Collection – French-LifeStyle Highlights
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