Marie Daâge – Tableware like no other

Marie Daâge offers unique tableware for all those who wish to welcome their friends around a table that will look like no other.

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As the story goes, the Daâge family members refuse to gather round the table unless they designed the tableware and set it off to perfection. Graduated from the prestigious École du Louvre, Marie Daâge pursues her family’s long tradition.

The Marie Daâge collection reflects the colorful yet elegant flair conveyed by the Limoges porcelain, which is further refined by their hand-painted design.

Seeking to incorporate life’s exuberant colors and joyful as well as elaborate motives, Marie Daâge’s creations are always reminiscent of the charm and splendor which her native France has enjoyed over the centuries, whether in her floral and fruit motifs or in her classical designs.

Driven by the concept of “dressing” a table just as one chooses the clothes from the wardrobe, her design always allows to combine and play with colors, patterns and accessories from different collections, thus assuring that each table looks like no other.


Marie Daâge has built a very strong reputation, notably outside France, and particularly in Australia, the United States, Great Britain and Germany.

She designed special collections for Nina Ricci, the Barney’s and the Printemps boutiques, the legendary Hôtel Crillon as well as for several luxury restaurants (e.g. Le Grand Verfour) and prominent people (e.g. Bill Clinton). In addition, her tableware is present in many private yachts, jets and palaces.


Marie Daâge has created over 60 collections, reflecting an endless combination of colors, shapes and designs, and thus inspiring customization. Every pattern offers a full set of objects that contributes to the art of the table, including decorative pieces. All of the products are hand-made in France and made-to-order.

The Marie Daâge Collection – French-LifeStyle Highlights

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