Daum: Marvelous Crystal and Glassware

Daum: “Art is the ultimate luxury”

Located just two steps away from perhaps the most glamorous square in Paris, Place Vendôme, Daum store attracts visitors from all over the world with its marvelous crystal and glassware.

The history of Daum dates back to 1878 when Jean Daum acquired a Glassworks in Nancy and created services of cut glasses, gilded bottles, objects adorned with coats-of-arms, figures, engraved emblems and others, with a vision of becoming one of the leading luxury glass-makers.  What set apart Daum from the others, was that his ambition was guided by the creativity and innovativeness.

Already in 1893, Daum created the artistic department within the company in order to pioneer the contemporary creation. Up-to-date, the company has collaborated with more than 350 artists making Daum’s creations itself small pieces of contemporary art. Just to mention few names that enriched Daum collections: Salvador Dali, Arman, Cesar, Dan Dailey, Andre Deluol, Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne, Paloma Picasso, Roland Topor, Manolo Valdes. In addition, the fundamental of Daum is: “Art is the ultimate luxury”.

Another specificity of this glassmaker is the technique used for glass casting called pâte-de-cristal, dating back from 5000 BC. In 1900 Daum rediscovered this technique that had been long forgotten, then further developed it in 1968. As a result, every piece fabricated by Daum is unique because of a manual manufacturing process, which makes two pieces of the same model different in terms of shades or colour gradations due to master glassmakers’ know-how for working with Daum pâte-de-cristal.

We consider Daum to be one of the key characters not just of French savoir-faire, but also of the contemporary glass-made objects. Therefore, we are looking forward to seeing new collaborations with contemporary artists that will maintain its cutting-edge creativity, as well as objects coming from the atelier of its own creative team.

Objects of desire: a selection by the author of this article, Miroslav Vuckovic, an esthete.
“Kumara” by Jean-Marie Massaud (Black & White and Design collection), “White Egrets Vase” by Jean-François Leroy (Vintage collection) “L’âme de Venus” by Arman (Arman collection), “Achéloos” by Georges Braque (Braque collection), “Le Nid grey” by Christian Tortu (Design collection).

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