The World’s Largest Art and Design Fair in Paris, Now!

With its various editions (Paris, London, New York*), the PAD (Pavilion of Art and Design) is one of the world’s largest art and design fairs.

The one taking place in Paris this WE is absolutely gorgeous.
If you like interior design and decorative arts, run to the Esplanade des Feuillants, Tuileries, Paris 1st District.
Every day from 11am to 8pm until Sunday April 3rd.

The PAD is undoubtedly the world’s largest design fair with traditional, modern and contemporary design on display.
Once again, some of the big names in design will be present this year in Paris: Chahan Minassian, Anne Autegarden, Guillaume de Casson, Franck Laigneau, François Laffanour, Todd Merrill, Maria Wettergren, Olivier Watelet, Jacques Lacoste, Diane de Polignac, Alain Marcelpoil and Mathieu Richard, to name but a few.
Contemporary design, underrepresented up until now, plays a large part in this year’s show thanks to the presence of: Carpenters Workshop Gallery (UK), Perimeter Art & Design (France), Tools Gallery (France), Priveekollektie (The Netherlands), Orlandi (Italy), Volpi (Italy), BSL Gallery (France).
In addition, a third of the exhibitors (approximately 20 or so of the 80 participants) for this year’s edition of the PAD are new to the event.

The 2011 PAD Paris is brimming with high-class, contemporary decorative arts  galleries: Clara Scremini Gallery (France), Moonstone Gallery (France), Sèvres-Cité Ceramics (France) … The big news this year is the continued presence of dealers specializing in jewellery, thereby  ensuring the highest quality in this area.

Keen to develop this sector, the PAD Paris has gathered together for the first time a group of important exhibitors illustrating the major movements in modern art during the second half of the twentieth century.

Do not miss New-York or London if you can not come this WE to the one in Paris:
PAD New York, Tuesday November 8th – Sunday November 13th 2011 at Armory Park Avenue
PAD London, Wednesday October 12th – Sunday October 16th 2011 at Berkeley Square

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