Crin: Exceptional Material. The Story…

An exceptional material, an excellent workmanship.

“Since 1814, in the small village of Challes located 200 kilometers from Paris, the hand-weaving tradition of crin continues, creating solids and jacquards on looms nearly a century old.
These fabrics are made from natural fibres mixed with horsehair, a lively and thoroughbred fibre honoring those galloping horses across the great plains of Manchuria. Whether chestnut, blond or black, these animals’ tails measure no more than 31”, a natural filament just long enough to make a weft as durable as armour.

Luxury requires time

The artisanry of this weaving is the product of women weavers whose agile hands sort the strands and guide the loom to a daily output of no more than 4 yards a day. Still, the reward for this labour of love comes with the enthusiastic response of the designers worldwide, won over by crin’s timeless modernity.

A noble material
Over the course of history, the horse was synonymous with strength and vigour. Once tamed, crin shimmers like silk and glides to the touch. Indifferent to dust and the passing of years, it does not wear out.

Prestigious Installations
Louvre Museum, French Senate and National Assembly, Comédie Française, La Malmaison, Le Trianon, Buckingham Palace, Zarzuela, Metropolitan Museum, The White House (seats of the Library and dining room)…”*
* This text comes from the Créations Métaphores website in le CRIN section.
Créations Métaphores is a French editor of luxury furnishing fabrics, the association of 3 savoir-faire, VEREL DE BELVAL, METAPHORES and le CRIN.

Classic Collection

The designs of this collection date from the 18th century or derive their inspiration from the French State archives of traditional furniture. Prized for its malleable strength and body, crin was originally used for crinoline petticoats and Napoleon’s campaign furniture and clerical seats of the era. Not until the mid-19th century (the “Haussmann era”) did horsehair fabric appear in interior furnishing.
Contemporary Collection
The modernity of crin seduces contemporary designers with the subtle luxury of the material, the effects obtained by this natural fibre are unequalled. Once tamed, horsehair shimmers like silk and glides to the touch. Magic

This French company: CREATIONS METAPHORES France is a subsidiary of Holding Textile Hermes.

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