Yann Kersalé: Baccarat Crystal Lamp

Baccarat Jallum LED Crystal Lamp designed by Yann Kersale

Yann Kersalé, extraordinary light sculpture is his life.
Sculptor of the night, Yann Kersale uses light to create forms on plants or architectural materials. Yann’s bio

Baccarat, always at the center of pivotal paths—past, present and future—draws its brilliant luminaries from a multitude of shooting stars. Tradition taps into innovation via a subtle blend of yesterday and the days to come. It’s a new era. Baccarat has opted for transition in 2010—and continues to push boundaries to new limits.

jallum 3 YKersalé 200x300 Yann Kersalé: Baccarat Crystal Lamp

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