Vintage Design…

If you want to know more about Vintage Design, go to the Gallery epoques(s) located right in the center of Paris!
Graziella Semerciyan who runs the gallery will share her passion with you.

Opened one year ago, the gallery epoque(s) presents a selection of vintage design.
The choice is made by Graziella Semerciyan who was an auctioneer before opening her own gallery. Every little piece of work that she shows was selected because of her taste and her knowledge of the post-war decorative arts. The French pieces of her collection are mainly works of the 50’s and especially ceramics that she always liked.
This means Vallauris earthenware by Roger Capron, little cups by Jacques Blin or light base by Jacques and Dani Ruelland. Lately, she also discovered the work of Pierre Vandel, French interior designer of the 70’s, and acquired a sideboard made of tainted glass and gilten edgings that represents the taste of the period and also gives a collector’s touch to a contemporary house.

Graziella Semerciyan – Tél: 09 81 77 21 68

epoque(s), 71 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris

Video from the gallery: here

A great cupboard by Pierre Vandel

Pierre Vandel 1 300x180 Vintage Design...

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