Teleportation at St Étienne International Design Biennial

From November 20 to December 5, 2010

The theme of the 2010 biennial is around teleportation. It intends to explore paths of discoveries that will tend in their extreme expression to lead to a possible teleportation as the dematerialization of movement which appears to be an incredibly revealing notion of our era.

The Saint Étienne International Design Biennial is a unique event in the domain of design, due to the exhibitions shown as well as the diversity of its attendees. The Biennial democratizes design and makes it accessible to all kinds of audiences, proving that this creative discipline can take many forms, and is often driven by human aspects, including its uses by humans.

The Biennial is very different from a commercial fair. It is built on exhibitions, out of a strong will to promote contemporary creations. All objects, images, and services exhibited to the visitors may either question serious issues or show unexpected visions. For the first time, the 2010 Saint Étienne International Design Biennial will take over the Platine and its exhibition sites as well as its auditorium and lecture rooms. The biennial will also be present in other sites more east from the former arms factory.

The 2010 Saint Étienne International Design Biennial info

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