Alice Riehl – Decorative Ceramics
Alice Riehl designs and produces very exclusive decorative ceramics that clearly reflect her very personal touch.

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Alice Riehl young ceramic artist knows an exceptional ascent. After a few years of work only she is already well known out of French border and has her own collectors coming regularly to her studio.

Alice Riehl models porcelain blended with textile fibers in her studio located in the center of Paris. Her sculptures and vases with aerial shapes evoke a feminine universe, between weaving and vegetation. The capture of movement gives life to her pieces.

Inspired by laces that become part of the pieces, her work is a tribute to embroideries, be it modest or sublime creations by many generations of women.

Trained at the Institut de Céramique Française (French Ceramics Institute) in Sèvres, Alice Riehl is a member of Ateliers d’Art de France (French Federation for Arts and Craft Professionals). She received several awards for her work (“Céramique sur Seine Melun” Jury Prize in 2007, “Céramique 14 Paris” Jury’s special distinction in 2006 and winner of the Nîmagine contest in 2006).

In France, her pieces were notably presented by parisian galleries Collection, Médiart and Anagama, but also at Drouot or at Maison & Objet. Malicorne-sur-Sarthe Museum and the town of Melun have organized personal exhibitions for her sculptures.

Alice’s work is now displayed in Europe, North America, Asia, and Middle-East.

Alice Riehl has designed and produced 10 exclusive decorative ceramics.

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