Arman: Retrospective Exhibition

The Centre Pompidou is dedicating a retrospective exhibition to Arman, one of the leading figures of post-war art.
120 of his works offer an unparalleled approach and overview of Arman’s work from the second half of the 1950’s to the closing years of the 20th century. A founding member of New Realism, a movement promoting new “ways of approaching the real”, Arman developed a body of work very much of its time, making art from manufactured objects produced by the consumer society. The exhibition is both instructive and lively and shows the two basic sides of Arman’s work: gesture and the objects as vectors of new artistic practices and forms.

This presentation hinges on seven themes and offers a chance to discover or rediscover the profound originality of Arman’s work and his vibrant relevance to the present day.

Exhibition at George Pompidou Center Paris, until January 10 2011
11h00 – 21h00

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