Andrée Putman Exibition in Paris

Retrospective devoted to the superstar of design, Andrée Putman to discover at Hotel de Ville, November 10, 2010 to February 26, 2011. The work of the 85 years old diva, the Ambassador of the “French style” will be presented through reissues of furniture, reconstructions of places, or even his legendary piano “Milky Way” ….

3 Responses to “Andrée Putman Exibition in Paris”

  1. Louis Profeta says:

    Ms. Putman is a very unique designer, a label that covers many products. Think of Apple computer and see every product related to another and you meet Steve Jobs, that’s his signature style and the same is true of Ms Putman, from a pen design to a hotel it’s all applied to her style family of products, her style if you will! Very French, modern and contemporary. Her color sense is beyond everyone else by miles.

  2. Louis Profeta says:

    Few people realize how much time and concentrated work goes into every French design when detail is the most important object along with sophistication in order to appeal to the eye.If you’re involved in design just breathing the French air inspires one, it has never had a comparison because it all sways and moves in Paris with a life all its own. French women have the most elegant walk in the world, they speak loud so everyone is educated by them and always move with poise and grace no matter the age. The dance clubs are outer space oriented and some are in funny costumes.

  3. Louis Profeta says:

    Went to the Louvre Museum and the Michealangelo sculpture I wanted to see was in storage in the basement. I was directed down the basement and was in a room with 10 variations of “The Dying Slave” all original, I was stunned so I touched where Michaelangelo’s hands had carved the marble 8 feet tall. A great life’s moment!

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