Luxury Hand Embroidered Linen

There is an art to living well that we adore at French-Lifestyle, mainly when the mix of savoir-faire and tradition matches so well with modern life.

Born in 1994 of a love for beautiful linen and embroideries, the pieces created by Corinne Leveilley, Valombreuse founder, evoke impressions of delicacy and timelessness, revisiting the great tradition of hand embroidery on cotton, muslin, silk and linen.
The collections are a story shared by you and Valombreuse, a reminder of the extent to which the techniques of the past can harmonize with the modern world, particularly when sincere passion is matched with real know-how.

A large variety of stitches are used: knotty stitch, chain stitch, or moss stitch… combined with openwork embroidery. Each design is drawn on paper, enhanced with watercolor and then brought to perfection, thread by thread, color by color.

Those combined techniques will give exquisite table clothes, placemats, pillow shams, boudoirs and bed sheets with lively color. Some of them are inspired by artworks of the 18th and 19th centuries – botanical painters such as Redouté, the favorite artist of Queen Marie-Antoinette and Empress Josephine, some others by the paintings of the famous naturalist J-B Audubon.
Then, last but not least, embroidery is executed on embroidery loom from the 19th century to recreate the traditional house linen look with its dense and repeated patterns.

We are proud to introduce you to Valombreuse creations, their refinement, the vibrancy of their colors and their strictly controlled high-quality.

Enter the refined world of the luxury home linen, full of shimmering colors thanks to Valombreuse.
More than 2000 items available to make your home so beautiful, so French?

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