House of Odiot, Master Silversmiths since 1690

House of Odiot, the only French silversmiths continuing a tradition and expertise uninterrupted for several centuries.

Founded in 1690, the Maison Odiot, the House of Odiot is dedicated to trade vessels of gold and silver, but does not manufacture. The first family member to become a silvesrmiths is Jean-Baptiste Gaspard under the reign of Louis XV. He became a master in 1720 and was recognized as one of the finest silversmiths of his time.

Some objects:

37053948 300x240 House of Odiot, Master Silversmiths since 1690

– Terrine sur présentoir argent doré Odiot 1806
– Verrière en argent Jean batiste-Claude Odiot vers 1790
– Soupière et son couvercle en argent Odiot Vers 1880
– Coupe couverte à entremets métal argenté Odiot XIXe siècle
– Huilier- vinaigrier en argent Odiot XIXe siècle
– Saucière du service de Maximilien Joseph de Bavière argent Odiot 1806

From father to son, Jean-Claude, then Pierre Odiot took over and perpetuated the family tradition. Jean-Baptiste Claude, master in 1785, will be the one who will establish the true wealth of the house. It was he who developed the empire style in silver and he is responsible for making the following drawings Prud’hon toilet service offered to Marie-Louise at her wedding to Napoleon in 1856, it will execute with Thomire the birthplace of King of Rome.

37054009 300x240 House of Odiot, Master Silversmiths since 1690Today, Nicolas de La Morinière presides over the House of Odiot.
Hundreds of bronze kept in sheds allow the company to copy Empire models and even to manufacture exquisite Louis XV objects, with its old moulds, patterns and drawings, as those of the time.
At the same time House of Odiot continues its prestigeous voyage towards the future: continually creating noble pieces of exceptional technical and artistic quality, the company and its craftsmen remain at the summit of their art…

Ornamental masterpieces, cutlery, decorative objects and gifts, the company’s craftsmen who have inherited an ancestral ” savoir-faire ” , continue to maintain the astonishing virtuosity of their art.

House Odiot: 7 place de la madeleine 75008 Paris
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