Glass and Innovation

A GLASS HOUSE confirms its status as a forum for creativity and discussion dedicated to Glass and innovation.

From Thursday 2 September to Tuesday 2 November 2010
the SAAZS creative laboratory continues its innovative thinking about uses for QUANTUM GLASS™ active glass products, with a unique installation by French artist Laurent Saksik.

Laurent Saksik’s installation TRANE offers 5 perfectly-aligned panels of E-GLAS ‘soundproof’ heated glass, spaced at precise 1.7-metre intervals within a dynamic theatrical presentation. At both ends of the installation, there is a stand mounted microphone connected to an amplifying interface, which is itself connected to all the panels of glass. It is possible to hear the entire structure breathe a human breath. The observer is in the presence of a kind of machine/body, whose surprising form lies somewhere between a visiting room and an Aeolian musical instrument. Uttering a word or simply breathing into either of the microphones causes the glass – which is also a sound insulator to become effectively a loudspeaker membrane. The breath or voice of the participant passes successively from one panel to the next, covering the space between and passing through the glass material. This can be seen in the transparency of the glass as the sound diminishes and disappears in the phonic distancing effect created by the superimposed panels. TRANE is a participative and open work that offers observers the opportunity to walk between its heated panels, experience the sound passing through them, provide speech input from a microphone and experiment with the effect of their breath as it travels through space and material.

Totally transparent, the glass used is a heated glass set to a temperature of 37.2°C as part of a system that uses glass as a sound emitter. This QUANTUM GLASS™ solution is presented here exclusively as part of this installation.

Laurent Saksik’s work therefore creates an intentional paradox that introduces the dimension of touch for the purpose of reinforcing the ghostly presence of the body.

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2 September to 2 November 2010.
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Young French artist Laurent Saksik develops his work around consistently multi-sensorial three-dimensional structures. These structures may be chromatic or exist in a sound world, but they always involve visual and
audible experience within defined spectral dimensions. These works express a non-authoritarian relationship with a floating embodiment that Laurent Saksik refers to as the impoverished and privileged space surrounding
the precise exercise of controlled modernity.
He recently showed ATOLL as part of the “Confusion of the Senses” exhibition at the Espace Louis Vuitton. He is also resident artist at the Villa Médicis and the Atelier Calder.

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