When Light Becomes a Living Material

Revolution in lighting! French!


PLANILUM is an active glass panel that becomes a living material, glowing with pure and sensual light.
PLANILUM uses the technological principle of fluorescent light sources, a principle that has been tried and tested for many years. The revolution introduced by PLANILUM stems from the use of flat fluorescent light and the decision to avoid mercury in the plasma gas.

Creating a surface light source demands perfect technical mastery of active and advanced glass. The quality of the light emitted, the possibility of shaping light with design and the exceptional lifetime of Lightprose panels are the result of years of research and a dedicated production team.

PLANILUM technology is the result of many years of intensive laboratory research and technical collaboration with industrial partners.
The turning point for PLANILUM came in 2002 with the start of a partnership with SAAZS.

Through this collaboration between Saint-Gobain and the SAAZS designers’ collective, the unique dimension of PLANILUM as a lighting material took on new significance, giving rise to SAAZS Lightprose panels in 2007.

The first SAAZS collection was presented in Milan in April 2008, coupled with the first manifesto pieces created by Arik Levy, Christian Biecher and Adrien Gardere under the SAAZS Institute label.

Since their launch in Milan, SAAZS Lightprose panels have enjoyed unprecedented international press coverage and received awards in France (Janus de l’Innovation 2008, VIA 2009 label), America (“Wired” magazine) and Japan (“Pen” magazine).

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