Joy de Rohan Chabot : Beauty & Flowers

Joy de Rohan Chabot has two passions: nature and the decorative arts. It was enough for this outstanding artist and multidisciplinary let his talent speak on materials as diverse as iron, wood, glass.
Under his skillful hands and brushes born dream worlds where the trompe l’oeil and flirts with poetry or what nature has to offer its most beautiful in an explosion of colors.

jpg img 9268 150x150 Joy de Rohan Chabot : Beauty & FlowersJacquemart Andre Museum honored him moreover, lately, hosting for the first time a contemporary artist living in a beautiful exhibition. Joy de Rohan Chabot is also invited to Sao Paulo in November to mark the Year of France in Brazil. She will exhibit her work with the renowned decorator Jorge Elias.
With its creation, the artist wants to show that simple materials (iron, wood, glass) can acquire an identity sophisticated, decorative and timeless.
Her main inspiration comes from the imaginary gardens which she dreams since her childhood and who are the main themes of her collections of furniture and objects.

Thus the Garden of Dreams presents a stunning four poster bed.
Surrounded by huge branches of wrought iron home to discrete birds. This impressive piece of furniture invites us to dream under the stars while being inside. Consoles, stools, mirrors designed in the same spirit that complement this collection would have pleased the Alice in Wonderland.

In the Water Garden, Joy presents surprising that the tray tables like those pools of clear oriental gardens which seem to evolve goldfish. Huge sheets of agave maintain comfortable banquettes and frosted glass screens to filter plant decoration leaves a soft light.

The furniture and objects that make up The Glass Garden is exclusively devoted to flowers. Dishes with glass through the candles or beautiful vases and cache pots are adorned with thousands of flowers and herbs all hand painted with great skill.

Last December, Joy was the guest of Jorge Elias, who presented much of his work at his gallery in Sao Paulo. This exhibition was organized with the support of Trump France to celebrate the Year of France in Brazil. The success was incredible because all parts have been sold. Crossing the border objects and furniture that undoubtedly contribute to such original creative influence of our country around the world.

So many creations that draw us into the world happy and unexpected Joy de Rohan Chabot. Unpublished original, unusual that appeal to lovers of decorative art and those in ever increasing numbers who are passionate about the furniture and unique and amazing.

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