First green gallery in Paris thanks to Amaury Gallon

THE CREATOR: Amaury Gallon, French designer.

« The Nature is precious, and when it becomes sculpture it sets up itself to the rank of artwork. »

Amaury Gallon, over 10 years, combines with talent the plant universe and the technical innovation to design true alive artworks.

Pioneer in the use of plants such as design elements, he answers both the extravagances of rich fortunes of the whole world and the companies concerned with how to bring freshness and aesthetism to their premises.His creativity with vertical gardens so much inside as outside do that its new collections are an awaited coming every years.

Amaury Gallon is also engaged in the programs of éco voluntary service. Indeed, when you buy one of its works, a percentage of recipes is put back to the association action carbon.

THE JARDINS DE BABYLONE: new showroom to visit, 6 rue des Jeuneurs, 75002 Paris

Has developped the concept of vertical gardens made of 94% recycled material, mainly metal, plastic and paper.

Jardins de Babylone patented the first waterproof, odorless, humidity and fungus free plant wall.

Our plant wall is accomplished every time made to order for an unique result and design, it is the finest 6cm, and the lightest of the market with its 12 kilograms.

Our plant wall is at the same time a very good phonic insulating material with a phonic absorption of 55 dba, and thermal with a benefit of temperature in 13 degree winter and 6 degrees in summer.

Jardins de Babylone profoundly invests in ecology, we set up un contract of partnership with Yann Arthus Bertrand‘s association. In every sold plant wall, a percentage leaves for the replantation of the Kogi rain forest of Indians for Colombia.

mur exterieur show room 12447139631 First green gallery in Paris thanks to Amaury Gallon

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