Romain Duclos – Young French Talent

Romain Duclos is one of the most thriving talents in French design, whose creations prefectly reflect the contemporary French furniture.

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Born in 1980, Romain grew up near Paris. The school, college, high school, friends, sports, outings … Romain Duclos start in life through sport and study is moving quickly towards art and design. Since childhood, Romain wants to be an inventor, forms the intrigue. Dismount, go back and understand things, this is what Romain tries.
Sport is always a passion, a vocation design.

Romain begins with the workshops of Sevres, a preparation that is going to anchor the pencil in hand. In 2001, he joined the ESAD de Reims and will leave after three years, his graduation (National Diploma of Fine Arts). The inventor grown up, decides to discover the world and continued his studies in Milan, Master of Industrial Design between 2004 and 2005. Following confirmation of its achievements, is a world tour that began Romain, new forms, meetings, cultures are linked and intertwined …

Romain returned to Paris and began creating his agency, but retains the desire to share his knowledge. He teaches product design at the Academy Charpentier. The leitmotiv of Romain : “Trying to change his views on what surrounds us.” RLOS, his design agency, was created in 2008.

His project is the result of a succession of images of everyday life, magazines, street … Romain eats his surroundings and reinterprets these images and then model them as an object to meet our needs formal and base.
His pieces are ergonomic, architectural, aesthetic. The search for new forms is a constant leitmotif in this designer. “It is harder to create an object and innovative design through form as through new materials.”. The diversity of these projects opens our minds to many of the daily readings.
His works are modern and offer us a multitude of angles of perception, illusions, trompe l’oeil.

They give life to our space and seem to be constantly different.

Indeed Romain says “My plans are not to write but to see”.

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